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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the concentrated embodiment of enterprise spirit, excellent quality, value pursuit, civilized behavior and reputation image. The rapid and sustainable development of KAISITONG VALVE CO.,LTD. is inseparable from the joint efforts of all KAISITONG VALVE people, and benefits from the innovation and exhibition of corporate culture.

Theme Idea:

Create Valve Industry Brand

Talent View:

Sea admits all rivers, let dragon fly. A thousand boats race, let the elite to be the first.

Enterprise Spirit:

Unity, Practicality, Innovation, Development

Development Concept:

KAISITONG VALVE regards innovation as the foundation of enterprise development, not only technical innovation, in the product, market, management, but also the system and concept of innovation.

Quality Policy:

Scientific Management, Continuous Improvement of Quality.

Quality objective:

Customer Satisfaction Above 98%

Factory qualified Rate of Products Reaches 100%

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